We’re just getting over the heart break of T-swift and Calvin Harris…

With the new man Tom Hiddleston now in the picture, we decided to do a fun throwback to Taylor Swifts past relationships

Get ready because we've got a long list heading your way, also including those famous break up songs 

Joe Jonas (2008) - Last kiss
Taylor Lautner (2009) - Back to December
John Mayer (2010) -  Dear John
Cory Monteith (2010) - Speak now
Jake Gyllenhaal (2011) - We are never ever getting back together
Connor Kennedy (2012) - Begin again
Harry styles (2012) - I knew you were trouble
Calvin Harris (2015) - No songs… yet
Tom Hiddleston (2016) 

Oh Tay Swift, we love you    


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