Whether you're heads in a book cramming for an exam, writing for your blog at home, or replying to emails for work. Your workspace should be a reflection of your personality with images and items that make you feel inspired, creative and happy! 

here is a collection of work space inspiration that we love, we hope you love it too! 

We all know getting out of bed in the morning is a big struggle for the most of us. If you work from home then your bed can be your own personal work space, you lucky thing you. Cups of tea, decorated picture frames and reading all day, this is how we want to spend our Monday...

Fashion inspiration boards, marble candles, pastel books and big flower bouquets are all items that instantly make your office space unique and stand out. By incorporating items that reflect your personal style, you're able to create a work space that inspires. 

We know school and college is hard, staying up late at night, studying and going to class is tough work! your study space should be a happy, collected and organised space where you can de brief, learn and relax. Grab yourself a snack and get into it, we believe in you ;) 

Images sourced from Pinterest

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