Tell us about yourself Jonathan!

Well my name is Jonathan Germain. I am 21 years old, from Monaco. I am getting back into modelling this year because I put myself on the side so I am getting back into something that I love! I am a super determined guy, without fears, ready for anything at anytime, and dreaming about changing this world and its vision. I am really simple even though people really think the opposite, you just need to know me. I can never get satisfied, because I can always do better than I already did, even if I am still grateful for what I have and what Ive done. One important thing, I never take things for granted.

What does a normal day consist of for you?

Well a normal day for me consists with waking up, filling my body with energy, going out and influencing people in a good way. Every single one of my days works like that. To care is the goal of my day I guess. 

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

I am really ambitious, I don't have any fears and I've been through it all so I'd say, I'd like to be a real top model in 10 years, the modelling is always a passion for me, but in 10 years I see myself to be the head of an empire, as a real influencer that will continue to change this world and its vision. 

If you were stuck on an island, what 3 things would you need?

If I were stuck on a island the three things that I'll need would be water, music, and my girlfriend.

Favourite HiSmile product?

I am really satisfied with my whitening kit, that's the only thing I tried for now but I know that HiSmile have a lot of products that I'd like to try as well.

If you had to live off one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I think I'd eat pasta for the rest of my life, pasta is my babe for real.

Most inspirational person?

Tom Ford, one of my favourite artists. Then Drake because he's as deep as I am and I really feel him. I'd say Philipp Plein too, since he's GQ interview, I literally agreed with his raising empire. I love Cindy Crawford as well, a real example for all of us. But I still think that I am my biggest inspiration because every time I have to create and custom what I want and what I do, I don't want something that already exists, so I am my only inspiration at the end. I just pick some of this, some of that, and I come to a result.

Any fun fears or phobias?

Nah I don't really have fears of phobias, I am quite okay with this, I've been lucky for now but who knows I'll probably discover one today or tomorrow!

Top travel destination? 

UNITES STATES OF AMERICAAAA! It always used to be a dream to go there, I know that it's definitely the place I want to go these days, Asiatic countries interest me a lot as well.

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