Australia is a world of beauty, excitement, beaches and hot weather.

Today we take a walk through one of the most popular cities in Australia, Sydney.

What to do, where to go and what to see...


Breakfast in Sydney harbour

Position yourself in any restaurant or cafe that sits on the harbour and you will have a scenic view all morning!

Figure 8 swimming pools

The name says it all, these deep crystal clear pools look exactly like the number 8. Take a dip or visit it just for the amazing photo opportunity. 

Desserts to die for

They say a photo says a thousand words, this picture is speaking to us! Visit one of the many dessert restaurants that sydney has to offer, yum! 

Bondi beach

One of the most iconic and popular landmarks in Australia. Bondi beach is famous for the amazing view, great weather and popular TV show Bondi Rescue. 

Wedding cake slab

Australians are known for naming things exactly as it is, which is why you can tell that this landmark has been called Wedding cake slab as it takes an uncanny resemblance to the cake. Although you're not meant to stand on the rock, those thrill seekers who choose to will get a great view and amazing photo opportunity. 

The Harbour Bridge walk

One of the best ways to see Sydney is climbing the Harbour Bridge, especially at sunrise or sunset. For those that aren't scared of heights, this experience is one you'll never forget.

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