#THESMILEBOARD with Kyla Grandy

Model and Entrepreneur Kyla, tells us about life in the fast lane as a Ford model and how she keeps her pearlers, pearly...

What are some things we wouldn't know about you...

I was born in Temecula, California but raised in San Diego. During my high school years at Granite Hills, I was so sure that I would be an interior designer. This was my absolute passion! Little did I know that when I was 16 I'd be introduced to the world of modelling. Being in this industry I have quickly gained a love for fashion and a skilful, business mindset. Aside from modelling, I am a social media influencer with plans of becoming a self made entrepreneur. 


What are some of your hobbies?

 I love to go to the gym, do yoga, and spend countless hours at the beach!


How do you maintain that gorgeous smile?

I don't eat too many sweets! Since I was a baby, I have never had a sweet tooth, which I believe is why I have NEVER had a cavity in my life!

How often do you HiSmile?

I use HiSmile every day, either before I go to bed or while I'm getting ready in the morning. 


A typical day for you…

On a typical day, I wake up, grab some coffee and go sit outside on my porch and reply to all of my emails, and surf social media for a couple of minutes. Then I'll tidy up my place a bit, get ready for the gym, come back, shower and get ready for the rest of my day. Some days I will have a shoot, castings, or just hanging out with friends other days I'll have a me day. I like to come home tired, so I try to stay as busy and productive as possible. Then I check my emails one more time before I turn on some Million Dollar Listing (my favorite TV show) and go to sleep!


5 things you cant live without...

Five things I can't live without is my iPhone camera, because I absolutely love taking photos, fruit (that's my kind of sweet tooth), the beach because I spend a lot of my downtime there and I'm not sure I would ever be able to move to a place that didn't have a beach! My hair because I have a habit of twirling it non-stop, and my HiSmile, duh!


Are there any beverages that you try to avoid to keep your teeth white?

I drink coffee A LOT and I always try to drink a glass of water once I'm done with my coffee in the morning. If I don't, I feel like the coffee is just sitting there on my teeth staining them! I try to avoid soda completely. I mainly just drink coffee, water and juice. I haven't always, but I brush my teeth after every single meal now, which I know might be hard to do, especially if you are on the go, so I keep a travel size mouthwash and HiSmile whitening pen in my purse to keep my mouth fresh. 


What motivates you to keep fit?

I follow a lot of beauty inspo and body inspo pages on Instagram. I think that when I am drinking my coffee in the morning and scrolling through my news feed seeing all of these beautiful, fit girls, it helps me to get my butt up and go to the gym. Ever since I have been going to the gym, I have somehow created a habit of making sure that I am taking care of the rest of my body just the same. 

Best quote?

"Empower someone and you could start a domino effect." There is nothing that I believe in more than empowerment. To bring someone down is such a horrible thing to do to somebody. If everyone tried to build each other up, it could change the world. 


Five fitness tips..

-> Stay consistent.

-> NEVER eat less, just eat better.

-> You won't see results overnight, so be patient.

->Quality is better than quantity,

-> Don't half-ass any of your workouts. If you aren't sore, you aren't doing it right! 


Advice you were given that has stuck?

 If you want something done your way, do it yourself. 


Any fears?

I have an insane fear of heights! I won't even let my friends stand too close to a cliff or a really high up window. It freaks me out!


What get’s you out of bed and into your gym wear?

Knowing that I have an amazing trainer (my father) and seeing my results is what helps me get up out of bed and go to the gym. I also look forward to how amazing I feel after a good gym session. You can't beat that feeling! 


Any guilty pleasures?

Okay, so I do eat sweets sometimes. And NOBODY can get between me and my candy corn. I'm a Halloween baby, what can I say? 

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