#THESMILEBOARD - with Maja Malnar

Wanderer, Traveler, Fashion Blogger and Hismiler.

Maja Malnar ladies and gentlemen...

Who is Maja?

I grew up in little town in Slovenia but now I have moved around, a lot! I am an Economics graduate, fluent in 5 languages and now working on my sixth!

I used to be a TV host, Actress and I have traveled the world modeling. I enjoy traveling and learning new things, I just can’t get enough of it!

I would describe myself as an optimist, I love life and want to seize every day.

What keeps you busy?

Even though I studied Economics, I found my real passion in Fashion Blogging and working as a Brand Ambassador.

 What keeps you happy and healthy?

I love exercise that is good for your body and soul. I practice yoga regularly, skiing, hiking, tennis and mountain climbing. I also love reading books that inspire me, playing backgammon and chess. My absolute favourite hobby, of course, is travel! :) 

What is your number one rule for maintaining a healthy smile?

Brush your teeth at least twice a day if not more! Be sure to use all of the essentials - mouth wash, floss and yep you guessed it, HiSmile!

How often do you use HiSmile?

A few times a week, sometimes consecutively. 

Take us through what a typical day would look like for you

I’ll have my morning coffee and some breakfast, go through my emails, then I’ll go to various brand meetings and presentations. If I am traveling I will take some pictures and do some sightseeing! In the evenings I like to go out for dinner and drinks with friends. I am usually up late writing my blog or reading, so I don’t normally go to bed until late!

 What are your top 5 favourite travel destinations and why?

 New York - It gives me the feeling that everything is possible.

 India - It is a incredibly spiritual place with great people and amazing yoga! Very relaxing and peaceful.

 Dominican Republic - The beaches are just incredible.

 Italy - The countryside is so beautiful and the food, style and people are just breathtaking.

Spain - I love the peoples temperament and they have great tapas and flamenco :)


Are there any foods or drinks you try to avoid? Do you have any tips to balance it with your whitening applications?

I know I should try to avoid tea and coffee, but I just cant! I have one coffee a day but I get a bit carried away with tea haha. Luckily I can hide all the stains thanks to Hismile. I always try to carry the whitening pen around with me for touch ups.


How do you maintain your beauty routines on the go?

I always carry the essentials with me if I am traveling. If I am on the go I get ready in the mornings which usually gets me through the day then I can touch up before I head out if I have plans in the evening.

Quote you live by? Why?

“Use your smile to change the world but don’t let the world change your smile ”

I love this quote because I believe that life is truly more beautiful with a smile. Positive attracts positive. Imagine how beautiful this world would be if we all lifted each other up, instead of dragging each other down. That is why it is important to feel confident with your smile too, so you smile more often ;)


What are 5 things you swear by that we could find inside your beauty bag?

Estee Lauder night repair serum

Skin Ceuticals Clay Mask

HiSmile whitening kit

Mac lip liner

L’Ocitaine Almond body oil

What is one-piece of advice you were given that will stick with you forever?

Have courage and be kind!   

Do you have any fears or phobias?

No, I think I might actually have the opposite of fear but at the same time if I had to choose one, I guess I say a fear of war, that has been a bit scary lately.


What is your favourite season of the year?

I love all of the seasons but I would say Summer is my favourite as I love the heat.


What are 3 travel tips you can give us for a smooth holiday?

Pack lightly.

Always check the weather forecast beforehand.

Engage with the locals to get a real grasp on the culture. You can have a read of my personal tips and guides at majasdiary.com  


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