11 things that will help keep your teeth white this summer!

11 things that will help keep your teeth white this summer!

As you know, it is recommended to avoid red wine, dark berries, and black coffee where you can to maintain your pearly whites, but what about foods that help brighten your smile? Try these solutions to serve as a HiSmile sidekick for a brilliant beam this summer. 


They may be red but malic acid is a chief component in this summery fruit lifting stains from your teeth. Strawberries are also versatile and can be used in breakfasts, salads and deserts!

Seeds and nuts

Chewing these lightly abrasive, hard foods rubs plaque and stains off the surface of teeth, Pop a few almonds for a mid-afternoon snack—they're full of protein, healthy fats, and the crunch you need to help keep your pearly whites bright!



Water is the best way to keep your mouth hydrated and your smile bright. Sipping and swishing in between glasses of wine and dark pigmented foods, will prevent staining!



Apples crispiness not only strengthens gums but their high water content also increases saliva production, dispersing and neutralising colonies of bacteria. So your breath will thank you too!

Celery and Carrots

The best thing about these two root vegies, is that you can eat them raw or cooked! Either way they also hold a high water content which will assist in the production of saliva which aids in washing away food debris.


Here is another incredible vegetable that will help you keep your smile white. Broccoli doesn’t stick to your teeth and the texture is great for naturally scrubbing the surface of your teeth, eliminating stains, while you chew. How convenient!  


This bright summery fruit contains citrus, an acid that makes teeth whiter. Don’t go over bored with citrus though as if it is ingested in large doses the natural sugars can harm your teeth. So just stick to one a day to keep the stains away!


It’s so easy! Munching on a pear will neutralise pesky odor-causing and staining bacteria colonies on teeth. Increased saliva production brought on by this sweet, delicious fruit will leave teeth clean and sparkling.

Milk and Yoghurt


These dairy products are teeth superfoods! Their high calcium content strengthens teeth, making enamel healthier and whiter.

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