4 ways you should be using your HiSmile kit

Are you getting the best out of your HiSmile kit? 

Here we will share 4 ways for you to be using our advanced teeth whitening system.

1. HiSmile in the morning...


After you've rubbed your eyes, eaten your breakfast and had your morning coffee - we recommend using your HiSmile kit to kickstart your daily régime.  Just 10 minutes with us in the morning will make you fresh for the day ahead! 


2. Follow it up with our Teeth Whitening Pen... 


Once you've finished with the kit, use your teeth whitening pen to seal the deal. You can also use the whitening pen for touch up's throughout the day!


3. HiSmile at night..


Some people see maximum results if they use HiSmile before bed! This is purely because you are not consuming any food or drinks that may disrupt the whitening process. So basically, it continues to work its magic while you sleep!

4. Follow it up with our Coconut Whitening Mouthwash...


Our mouthwash consists of a Sodium Bicarbonate and coconut oil blend . Therefore it not only whitens your teeth, it also pulls dirt and toxins from your mouth, leaving you with healthier gums and mouth tissue!  

Swish for 2 minutes after using your HiSmile kit for a complete mouth makeover! 


Images via @nastia.jpg 

Teeth via @jeanne_lagace

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